yeah I am looking at the old Bessas and the Ikonta 520/2 series. I also found the Frankas, which seem about right too. Ideally, I want a 4x5 camera with 6x9 rollfilm backs and some plates, but its $250-400 to get into that range. A horseman 985 maybe. Im also looking into a Busch Pressman D series, which has enough movements to keep me busy, but again, a couple hundred bucks.

So, right now, Im looking for a cheap 6x9, that has more power than my Agfa Clack, that I bought for under $10, and going for something just a step above it, to tide me over until I can get a better camera system. Im pretty sure it will be a Bessa or Ikonta or something very similar, the Bonafix looks ok, so does a Certix... I was just wondering if there was a recommendation on these.

I may skip the extra format and get two cameras, but it seemed like having two on one cam would give me more range, more ability to experiment in MF. My clack just has one shutter speed, Id like to get faster than 1/200, it only does 1/30. Only has two apertures and a yellow... so somethin I can make adjustments with and better take good photographs.

Thank you guys, it looks like Im on the right track.