I made my first prints in the employee recreation darkroom at the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Village -- South Rim). Too long ago to remember the finer details. I had the camera shop in Flagstaff develop my 120 film, bought a couple packs of paper and drove back to the Canyon. Muddled through somehow, remember laying the RC prints on the railing around the stairway to dry. Still have them 35 years later.

Back at college, I took a photo class once a year for the next 4 years, and volunteered as a darkroom assistant. I also attended a couple Friends of Photography workshops, then was a workshop assistant for them for many years. I worked for the US Forest Service for 12 seasons (~6 months each) and during the off-season volunteered again at the university as a darkroom assistant (with full access to the darkroom, of course!) I have worked the past 20 years as the darkroom tech for a university and have been giving carbon printing workshops for the past several years. No better way to learn than to teach!