A lot of people like old Leicas but I like old Contaxes. I used to use Contaxes quite a lot back in the 90's. I never had one break on me. At one point I had four bodies I think. I eventually stopped using them since I only used them as a carry around camera for citiscapes or when I was traveling. I still have one IIIa Black Dial body but I barely use it. I use Leicas now, but that doesn't mean I don't like Contaxes. The lenses were better than Leica back in the day. I still marvel at how good the lenses are still. I had a 35mm Biometar, 50 and 85 Sonnars. I still have both an uncoated pre-war Sonnar and a coated post-war Sonnar that I use occasionally on my Leicas with an adapter. They are amazing lenses. I would love to get a Contax I someday that worked. Not very practical, but just fun to use. The viewfinder is a bit of a bummer since it only gives you the field of view for the 50 but accessory finders aren't bad. I remember reading that Zeiss had a prototype with framelines but it never came out because of some shakeup or another. Too bad.

Contaxes can be wound super fast if you do a twist with both wrists. Assuming you are holding the camera with your left hand under the camera, just pinch the wind knob between your right thumb and forefinger knuckle then twist your left wrist upwards towards your face and your right wrist away from your face. Takes less than a second.

Here is a link to some images all shot with Contaxes back in the day. Sorry, no Flickr for me- http://www.patrickrobertjames.com/contax