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If these are the same people who peddled their wares on Kickstarter I sent them $25 and have been stiffed. The Kickstarter Site Klowns could care less and these people refuse to give me what they promised, or to reply to my emails or anythng.

Dear desertratt
We have repeatatly tried to reach you. This is the answer we emailed you and posted on Kickstarter after you commented on the last update

"Dear H., we're very sorry to hear about your grievances. After you posted on Kickstarter on October 15th that the postcard hadn't arrived from Afghanistan, we posted to you in the first week of November a personally printed box camera photograph - we certainly haven't given you the cold shoulder. Please email us at contact@afghanboxcamera.com to confirm your address and we would be more than happy to make another attempt - admittedly it is a little bit strange for two items to go astray in the post so maybe it is an address issue. We take our commitments to our kickstarter supporters very seriously - in two years of running kickstarter campaigns we've had over 200.
Best wishes, Lukas & Sean"

Please email us - we would like to refund you.