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Having a few people say they did something doesn't mean it is going to be even remotely possible for anyone else. My grandpa bought a lottery ticket once that won him $1000. 99% of lottery ticket buyers will never win that much. To go around saying that one can realistically win $1000 buying lottery tickets is simply delusional and, i'll go so far as to say, unethical.

Realistically, the original poster is not going to find a usable medium format camera for $40. Sorry, kiddo, but life ain't fair. Get over it.
With all the people that have posted that they have been able to buy a camera for $40, there appears to be a lot of people here who have won the $1000 lottery you obliquely referred to.

Guess yet another of your condescending arguements has been shot down in flames, Kiddo. Try to get over it.