Your best bet might be either:

1) a lens designed for smaller format (6x6 cm or 2x3 in), e.g. lenses for 2x3 Speed Graphics (or Century Graphics), like the 101/4.5 Ektar or Optar, or similar, or a lens scavenged from a medium format (6x6 or 6x9) folder. However, in this case you're limited to focal lengths ranging from about 80mm (6x6 format) to about 105mm (2x3 format).

2) some DIY lens hacking - mix and match various lens cells in an existing shutter - or use close-up (diopter) lenses, as already mentioned. You could try one of the lenses mentioned under 1) above, and try removing/swapping lens elements with other lenses, close-up diopters, etc.

Most of the lenses in shutter in the focal lengths you mention (120-135mm) will cover 4x5 without serious vignetting - at least not as pronounced as in a Holga. The Kodak Ektar 127 that Andrew mentioned does not really vignette on 4x5: well, it actually does when you try movements, but only on the side which ran out of coverage (not what you want).

Now that I think of it, there might be a third solution: you could try 135mm lens from a Mamiya TLR, but I'm not sure about its coverage and vignette characteristics (if any) when used on 4x5 format.

If you're willing to forego the shutter, your options increase with many older barrel lenses you might try.