I want something that is rugged, won't break the bank, and can handle dark situations well.

No camera will really hold up to heavy abuse. If one is careful most would be rugged enough.

Everyone has a different size bank. What one might think affordable another would see as expensive.

Dark situations, IMHO, has more to do with lens than camera body. Most maunufacturers made/make "fast" and more expensive lenses.

If you already have lenses which will work on a film body which offers manual settings, you would do well to buy a body and have a professional repair person do a CLA on it. Film bodies are cheap these days and you wouldn't be putting much at risk with this approach.

The best camera is the one you will use and learn to challenge its capabilities. Most of my cameras offer much more than I commonly use.

Oh, don't over-think this. You aren't buying a house or putting your life savings in the stock market.