As cheap as 35mm film cameras are, I have way too many. I stopped counting, but not stopped acquiring.

If you just want to dip your toe into the water, go with an EOS. As long as your lenses are EF and not EF-S, they will work. There is nothing to stop you from putting the camera in manual, and doing it old school.

My Canon EOS Elan 7e has eye control, works better without glasses, and is very handy for action images. The focus point follows where your eye is looking.

A screw mount adapter will let you use all the old M42 lenses. If you want to play with old glass. The FD adapters are junk. So old Canon glass is out. Unless you buy an old Canon.

Nikons are excellent choices. The glass can still be pricey, as it can still be used on the modern cams.

K-mount (Pentax, Ricoh, and others), glass is cheap, as are the cameras. Some are excellent, some are junk. Lots of low quality 3rd party zooms, etc. That being said, I really like my Ricoh XR-S, cams. The solar panels alone are conversation starters, and they are reliable.

I like my little Yashica GTS range finder, is basically an aperture priority range finder. Rock solid, and the photo cell is not on, or in the lens. Being in the body, and being a range finder, I can slap an IR filter on the lens, and shoot infra red, with IR film.

Lots of choices, lots of good viable choices. It just depends on what type of photography you want to do.

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