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Has anyone used this camera as a regular user, and not merely as a curio? What is your opinion of it? I am thinking of buying an outfit.

Thanks to all who reply.

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Contax is first class but inspect the post war examples with more care, those were tough years for Zeiss.

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I bought a pre-war Contax III from a Camera dealer in Berlin in about 1956 when I was there in the British Army -- it was 38 with the 50mm f1.5 Un-Coated Sonnar and I paid it back monthly -- when I was sent to Iserlohn in the British Zone I got a NEW 85mm f4 Triotar from a Camera dealer -- then when I was out of the Army I had the chance for a mint IIIa with the 50mm f1.5 Coated Sonnar -- I had much trouble with flare on the un-coated Sonnar and when I got into local Press Photography I was often cutting off the head of VIP's such as the Mayor because of the small viewfinder -- well, one of the Partners I worked with had been in the RAF in Singapore and brought back these 'weird-sounding Asahi PENTAX' cameras with funny lenses called 'TAKUMARS' but the RESULTS were far better than the Contax and NO parallax problems !! One day a local Camera Dealer had an ASAHI PENTAX S3 appear in his window, attracting a small crowd of Camera - Starved Brits pressing their noses to the glass -- I rushed in and offered my Contax IIIa and got 35 for it paid the rest of the 85 and rushed out the proud owner of an ASAHI PENTAX -- and THAT ( so they say -- ) is where the story really begins ----
Yeah, Zeiss lenses are bad, that's why ARRI is in bed with Zeiss for almost a century.