OK......more valid points raised.....

the "yes and no" would include, workshop, lectures and such, but not full courses at colleges and universities.

This is a badly worded poll....so sue me, English is not even my first language....

Another thing that occurred to me, in retrospect and in clarity of thought is that "taught" is past tense, as in completed, and most of us honestly are still being "taught" or still learning......I am

maybe I should have worded it differently, to make more sense to you all. with options like A: Yes, I did not attend a college/university course,
B:No I have studied photography at a college.
C: I have attended workshops and courses but did not study photography fulltime
D: I am a hipster

ok the last one is a bit of a joke....so lighten up a bit

Maybe the mods should just lock this poll before you really start getting nasty to each other, which happens more and more on APUG I have seen.