My first thought was no, but on second thought yes - Arista EDU Ultra aka Fomapan 400, in both 120 and 4x5, and to a much lesser extent Pan F+.

The first I can't really explain except that it's relatively cheap to play around with and has an old style look that's fun sometimes. The Pan F+ is a bit more rational in that it's a lovely film. I shoot it in 120 and develop in Diafine which gives me a bit more effective speed (I shoot it at EI 64) and 15x15 prints on 16x20, or even cropped 16x20 prints, from 6x6 that rival my prints from 4x5. They don't IMO quite equal them but, honestly, only I seem to notice. The reason it's a film I don't really need is that the speed is too slow for most of my shooting and I could get results that are likely just as good from Acros or TMY or Delta 100. I've just started shooting a few rolls of Acros and like it, though somehow I hate to supplant FP4+, though they look totally different.

But I certainly don't NEED any Pan F+ when I have Acros in the film fridge, and I even more so don't need rebranded Foma of any speed when I have Kodak TYM-2 (4x5) and Tri-X (120) but I buy some of it and shoot some of it anyway.

I do buy Provia 400X too, but I feel like I need that, because I'm trying to shoot lots of slides while I can and it's two stops faster than any other current production slide film and a really nice film.