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Having a few people say they did something doesn't mean it is going to be even remotely possible for anyone else. My grandpa bought a lottery ticket once that won him $1000. 99% of lottery ticket buyers will never win that much. To go around saying that one can realistically win $1000 buying lottery tickets is simply delusional and, i'll go so far as to say, unethical.

Realistically, the original poster is not going to find a usable medium format camera for $40. Sorry, kiddo, but life ain't fair. Get over it.
Just because you don't think you can find a camera that meets the OP's requirements in good working order for around $40 there's no reason to keep claiming it isn't possible. In fact with a little patience it's easy.

Using lottery tickets as an example is way off the mark because the odds are stacked heavily in favour of those who go looking in the right places. I've picked up quite a few good cameras around $40 or less and up that to $50 and I have no problems finding good working post WWII 6x9 cameras with no shutter issues, coated lenses, and some have 6x6 masks built in