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Hello. I am Storyteller.
I have begun doing photography again, film, mostly 35mm and some 120. I am trying to find out what camera I want to buy. I only know the specifics of what I am looking for.

It uses 120.
It shoots in 6x9 format.
It has a tripod mount, for landscape orientation. This would mean a bolt hole on the bottom.
It has an alternative format or 6x6 or 645.
It has a lens that can focus at least to some degree.
It has some aperture settings for different lighting conditions.

I have looked into the Bessa, the Ikonta 52(x)/2 and a few others.

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. I am trying to spend under $40 on ebay, which is very doable these days. I want to use the camera to take landscapes and cityscapes..

thank you,

As you are a Storyteller, may I suggest you read “The Box” by Günter Grass? I believe all cameras and lenses have their own personality and different ways of recording. To experiment with this is a life’s work and in itself and a truly exciting visual story.