I would caution not to be put off by buying something and finding it not to your liking thus causing you not to pursue shooting film. Cameras for me are to a certain extent something like the perfect pair of hiking boots. You may have to go thru a couple models or more till you find the perfect pairing. This extends alot to hand fit, control placement, viewfinder and information therein and weight. While most of us probably have more then 1 body, and for some of us even alot of bodies ( I own 9 working bodies and some half working) there are many times where there is just one or maybe 2 that get picked up most of the time. This can be a problem owning a digital body.

I'd also not be put off by auto focus cameras since they really in many instances sport improvements not only in that specific feature. Metering systems also improved to a great degree along with many other features including incorporated flash, diopters for us blind people and increased shooting speeds for action photography which includes 2 and 3 year old children. Ergonomics was a big plus as well with better handholds. If you stay in the Canon lineup you'll use your current lenses and have the advantage of more adapters available then other brands to use other lenses. Really a big plus there.

Look for big bright viewfinders and meters with at least 0 Ev sensitivity. I'm especially fond of exposure and flash compensation (and readouts) along with an incorporated flash. While not a Canon enthusiast outside FD, there are from what I have read some really good late model film bodies at reasonable prices.