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I have a few questions if you dont mind answering them :P

How long was your second exposure and what was the light source/distance from the source?

Ive just done a development trying Hp5+ with the same process (except different developer), and the emulsion is very soft after the permangenate bleach (ie, if you touch it while wet it just wipes off). Is foma emulsion significantly different to hp5+?
I just don't touch anything when it's wet. I don't unspool the film from the reel. I just expose both sides of the reel (a metal one) for 1 minute each at the glow of a 21w compact fluorescent cool white light. Almost at contact with the lamp.
The softening of the emulsion depends also on the first developer. It's actually the high pH shift that causes damage.
If you use a more diluited first developer you'll reduce that pH shift. You must also reduce the permanganate content (aim is 0,3g in 300ml) and the acid (I use 150ml of a 1% sulfuric acid solution).
Important is keeping a relatively low temperature of 18C (also lower) of the bleach.
I don't think Fomapan 100 emulsion is more hardened than any Ilford counterpart. The opposite can be true.