I'd love a scanner but I don't have one; for a time I was saving for a Nikon CoolScan, but they're gone now. The Epson 700/750 looks interesting, but I've heard comments ranging from "it's the worst piece of crap ever" to "it's the best scanner of all time". I've had commercial scans of my slides made from a few different shops but the results have never met my standards.

One of my pipe dreams for a while was having dye transfer prints made; I almost cried when I read that Ctein was going to stop doing them.

I have some Ektar in the fridge but I've yet to even try it. I guess for me C-41 film has a stigma associated with it, as I came up in photography being told that color negatives were merely a cheaper, amateur atlernative to E6. Of course I now know that that's not true and that negatives are superior in several ways. But my God the orange base is ugly!