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I finally got around to consolidating all my flood lamps and flashbulbs. I still have enough left over to fill up 2 more of these huge Tupperware containers.

I have about 300 or so of the old style edison base 31, 11 and 2/2B bflashbulbs, any value in these, or should I just continue to use them?
Do NOT give these away, I work in the movie industry and the prop master told me they pay around $5-7 per bulb... They went through about 1,000 that day alone.

They use then in certain "press" scenes, the flash burst is longer and gives a better look than the additional SLR flashes that are given to some of the extras to use.

So sell them on eBay, you will make a lot as they are no longer manufactured.

Good luck!


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