Well, I thought that an older Gossen Luna Pro could be brought back to life using the offered battery adaptor that allows one to inser the adaptor into the meter, and use two modern batteries. Evidently I was wrong.

Much to my surprise, after inserting the adaptor with fresh batteriesand "zeroing" the meters, they both read exactly the same high and low values....but the values are incorrect. My Sekonic meter reads values that are considerably lower, and negatives exposed using the Sekonic are perfect.

For example, the Sekonic 508 will read EV values of 10 and 13. Both Luna Pros will read values of 13 and 16. Exposing for the shadows at an EV of 13 would be completely wrong.

Has anyone had similar problems of "high" readings with Gossen Luna Pro meters that have been equipped with the battery adaptor? Is the voltage incorrect? I had read that many who purchased the battery adaptor were pleased, and the meter was working correctly. I guess both meters could be broken...but at the same time, and reading the exact same EV values? The only common thread is the adaptor.

Thanks for the help.