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My pictures don't look affected, and it does get used pretty frequently. My worry was that the fungus might grow, but if it gets exposed to light regularly -and it does, there's no front cap due to the dented filter ring not accepting one - is the fungus probably dead anyway?

Do I need to bother doing anything at all?
I wouldn't use that lens, if you put it on your body, the the mold spores can migrate to the body, then you change lenses and the mold spores transfer to other lenses and then mold starts growing on those...

Even if its cleaned you can't always be sure it is free of the spores... Sell it on eBay with full disclosure, or just throw it away, I wouldn't chance infecting your other equipment. Don't store it with the other equipment either...

If you really want lots of moldy equipment and don't care, I have a macro lens for my Mamiya RZ67 that has some mold spores, I'll sell it for 1/4th the price


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