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If I want diffusion, I prefer to use a classic portrait lens (Verito, Heliar, Petzval) and large format, but David Mullen gives an excellent taxonomy of diffusion filters here--


Other ways to smooth out wrinkles are softening the light, increasing the fill in relation to the main light, and retouching the neg of course.
This article was VERY helpful, as David puts it the 1 and 2 stop black magic filters are too obvious. Good to know.

I have NO CLUE how to retouch a negative, I only shoot 135 and 120, seems too tiny a format to be trying to alter by hand, at least for me, my fine motor skills aren't that great.

Thanks for that. I don't always shoot with lighting so I was looking for a solution like this one, so more wondered about what type of filter to get for this rather than buying specialized lenses.


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