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I have one of these and I love it. Really fun, light, compact, and capable of making good photos. Mine has a minor intermittent light leak problem that I'm struggling with, I think light is getting in through the green window and bouncing around behind the pressure plate.... I expect to figure out how to fix it eventually. The bellows are fine.

Oddly enough, I started reading this thread because I'd also like a camera just like OP, and would love to hear other's experience with the different choices. I really like the 6x9 format and don't care about inserts for smaller frames. The foldex 30 has a tripod mount in portrait orientation but not on the bottom for landscape. For slower film, a tripod mount would be a really really good thing to have. I'm looking to add one to mine. The camera was very much made for handheld operation and has a neat feature that lets you trigger the shutter without having to reach out to the lens. I guess that's why they left the tripod mount off the bottom...although I find that hard to understand since so many other details seem well thought out.

Mine was about $20 on the goodwill auction site and it is in very nice condition. At the moment it's my favorite camera for just carrying around. I hope some more people will chime in with experience with different 6x9 folders... for example I think there are some Agfa models where the scale focus winding gets stuck... these are the sorts of things that newcomers like myself need to know to watch out for!
I've had several 6x9 folders, and the Foldex one is my favorite for the most part. It would be nice if it had a faster lens, but it is super sturdy and simple and the Steinheil lens is sharp. I think thy get overlooked because of the slow lens and because of the fact that the other Foldex models all have single element lenses and are basically just folding box cameras.