Keep in mind as well when T-max was introduced many people tried it and tested it and didn't like it forever and ever closed book. In my experience those who already had a a closer tolerance method and style of negative work seem to have a more favorable view of it. Those workers who had 'looser tolerances' got more variation on the results. My first few rolls were not very good, and it did take me a bit to really understand and work with the film. In those days I was shooting for a newpaper and they switched from Tri-X to T-max so you could imagine there was a bit of grumbling from the old timers. The best advice I got was from John Sexton, who advised to shoot at box speed and try to nail the best exposure and process D-76 1:1 with not too much agitation. I had more consistent negs after I learned T-max like that, and when I started switching developers I had a better feel for the film.