I completely disagree with Mr. Bills theory for the following reason: If you have a wide-angle group shot where people standing near the edges of the frame look distorted, then this distortion plus the distortion caused by the print viewing distance will add to each other. It is like with the circles. If a large sheet of paper with several round circles painted on will be viewed from close distance, the circles toward the edges will look oval-shaped. Right. If a group of people is photographed with, letīs say 70mm, distortion free lens, everyone should look natural shaped when the print is viewed from distance but if you come closer, people toward the edges will look more distorted from the center perspective. If the print is already distorted because it was taken with a wide angle lens, they will even look more distorted. Logically, there can never be a point when both wide-angle and viewing-angle produced distortion can neutralize each other. Distortion will always be amplified. So the whole theory is a contradiction in itself!