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It appears that some think this idea of a "proper viewing distance" for prints, and that the "apparent wide angle effect" is some half-baked idea. So I'm going to put in a few literature references for those who might have them.

Basic Photographic Processes and Materials (Stroebel, Compton, Current, and Zakia, 1990) - page 150, "The Wide Angle Effect"

Applied Photographic Optics (S. Ray, 3rd Edition 1992) - Chapter 23, "Perspective and projection", see 23.1.3 "Viewing distance" and 23.1.4 "Perspective distortions."

View Camera Technique (Stroebel, 5th edition 1986) - section 7.13 "Apparent Perspective Effects: Viewing Distance"

Controls in Black and White Photography (Henry, 2nd edition 1988) - p.235 "Proper Viewing Distance of Prints."

Enlarging (Jacobson and Mannheim, 20th edition 1969) - p.28 "The Problem of Correct Perspective," followed by "The Optimum Degree of Enlargement," and "Practical Magnification Problems."

The last, Jacobson, has perhaps the most "readable" discussion; here's an excerpt:

Another place where one can see the viewing angle on 2D surface effect is the turn lane arrows on the highway. They look right when you are in that lane.