I have a Hasselblad 501CM. Love it, but so far only have the 80mm CB Plannar lens.

Due to some work successes, I am due to get 300 soon and wanted to use it to buy either a longer lens or a Macro lens for it.

Have looked at FFordes.co.uk and note they have quite a few 150mm f4 CF lenses (CFi lenses are out of my reach!) for about 300.


My main usage for my Blad is to photograph my kids (who are toddler aged) and landscapes when I get chance to get out and about. So on the one hand, I need a wider lens than the 80mm I have, but I think I'd use a 150mm more, but it's relatively slow f4 worries me a little as I tend to use slow films like Acros 100. Are the 150mm f4's recommended lenses, and if anyone can suggest a slightly better one for a little more money, I'd be pleased to hear of recommendations. How much were these lenses when bought from new before Hasselblad moved to H system?