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You could try the old trick of using a piece of stretched nylon stockings over the lens. I think it was the common technique for female "portraits" (movie) in the old days. Bogart was portrayed from below, no stockings, probably harsher light and Bergman was portrayed from above, with piece of stockings in front of the lens, probably softer light. I don't know if it is a solution which satisfies you, but cheap it is.

An expensive alternative is the Minolta Rokkor 85/2.8 Varifocus lens, which has a ring allowing the photographer to set the desired degree of spherical aberration.

http://www.rokkorfiles.com/85mm%20Page%201.htm (bottom of page)
Thanks ill try the stocking trick.

Everyone else. I know it's hard to understand but I won't always have control of the light. The particular circumstance I experienced this was when the client insisted on picking the locations, and one was outside at high noon, no cloud cover etc, just worst light. The other was at her apartment, diffused window light, but the only acceptable background had me facing her on the side with her facing toward the window because the light was very low. I could not be AT the window because the light would be blocked by my body, and the background was the kitchen, so the only pleasant background was the off white wall.

The point is I'm not really looking for lighting advice, I know how to diffuse and soften light with a light box, I'm looking for extra lens filter diffusion, so if you don't use these kinda of filters, then it doesn't help me evaluate their worth.

Thanks for the advice this far, not trying to be rude, but I'm asking for advice about softening filters, thanks.


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