I'm not home at the moment, but that's quite possible. The camera was serviced at least once by a Kodak technician in the early 60's (they leave fancy little stickers in the film chamber). It's possible that they replaced the mirror during a routine CLA. The mirror was the only glass that didn't have a yellow sheen from the weird glue they used.

That's actually the whole reason I opened it up. Viewfinder was practically impossible to see through, and rangefinder patch was neigh invisible unless pointed at the sun. My theory is that the weird (orange/yellow, organic looking) glue they used off-gassed in the viewfinder assembly and coated all the glass. A few quick wipes and it's about 40 years newer, minus the double image and a slightly maladjusted rangefinder.

Now if only I had the skillz necessary to oil the shutter gears and clean the aperture blades...

I can already tell this hobby is going down the rabbit hole. ;D