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back in the day
people not only used soft lenses,
but pancake (base ) makeup
and the negatives were blended and retouched with lead.
it is not only the lens ...it is a whole photographic "system"
and state of mind
nothing is ever as simple as it seems ....

you might also try the stocking with a cigarette burn in it
or a smoked filter, or if you are enlarging, passing crkinly
tea package cellophane between your lens and paper ..
or get the lens off of your 1a folder and use it as an ENLARGING lens
instead of a TAKING lens ...
Thanks, those are pretty interesting ways of doing things, I like the center focus shot with the hole in the stocking.

I own one of those filters with the hole in the center but honestly have never used it, I always forget.

I suppose I'm assuming that in the movie industry they don't do a lot of post progressing on TV shows where they soften the faces frame by frame so my thought is this particular filter must be fairly good since its used often.

I actually have no experience with enlarging at all, I don't optically print, the headshot game is impossible to do that way these days, they want the shoot today and the images tomorrow emailed/dropboxed to them so they can print them themselves for $1 per 8x10 at a reproductions store.

I have an extra 1a lens, I'd love to put it to good use, but I don't even know what 'taking' means.

I'm fully ignorant when it comes to optical printing, almost completely ignorant when it comes to LF and only three quarters ignorant when it comes to film processing / development in B&W color neg and transparency. And it's only taken me 18 years of shooting to get here


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