135s and 127s were the commom lens for most press camera, the 135mm is somewhat wide, say like 5 in 35mm. As alread noted a 150 or 180 is thought to be normal. The idea in the day was to shoot wide to make sure you had all the action and crop in as needed. I have both a Crown and a Speed, I have not used the focal plan shutter on the Speed in years, no really decades. Last time I tested the speeds seems to be in the ball park but good chance of pin holes. I use the Speed with my 210 as it has longer bellows, and the crown with the 135 or a 152. There is also just enough room in the bellows behind the lensboard for a gel filter holder that I made myself. The 135 just covers 4X5 but is coupled to the rangfinder so I use it when I hike and can be used either hand held or with a monopad. Only the Superspeed had a rotating back, the older speeds and crowns did not, so it is somewhat more award to shoot vetrical. The Crown is also ligher than the Speed with a little more movement, but the not the movements of a standard view camera or a Lindhof.