Either option will be a lot quicker to setup than field or view cameras and that counts for something as well. There's a social benefit as well, as many older people have experience with them and you gain some quick credibility for simply knowing what to do with it.

Crown gets more $ because it's lighter (as it lacks the shutter mechanics) and is more apt to have the graflok back. People often get these to have a compact rugged camera. Indeed something 180-210mm would be better for close portraits.

I use a speed (not super speed) because of the focal plane shutter. Otherwise, I could use any camera. They have two tripod holes for the different orientation.

Mine is a pre-anniversary speed with shutter speeds from 1/10 to 1/1000 sec, a range that would be unusual on a lens' shutter. I use this camera because I like a couple of old-style lenses that aren't available with shutter; the Meyer Trioplan 210, and Reinhold's wollaston meniscus 190.

I have another speed with the normal 127 and also use a 210 tessar with with it. Convenient and quality, but doesn't get as much use. I probably use the first one mentioned 80% of the time.