Self taught. I'm using the meaning as, "no formal education." I have read books, and I have run many rolls and sheets of film. Load, expose, develop, print, repeat.

While an educational course may open avenues for you such as teaching, I never wanted to learn how to photograph to teach photography. I became interested in photography because, as I was driving home one night, I became entranced by the moonlight on the landscape. It wasn't a grand landscape, it was just suburban-rural stuff. But that was the motivational spark. And then I bought a very used Pentax 6x7 and a 90mm leaf shutter lens, which is still going strong.

What is important to learning is remembering why I want to photograph things. I remember what I saw that first moonlit night. I remember when clouds lined up into a pagoda, with the moon in the center. I remember the morning when the rising sun painted a hillside in shades of red, bright to dim. I remember these things, and so I strive to continue with photography.