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no worries from me stone

when i say taking lens, i mean on the camera ( sorry for the lingo ! )

what camera are you planning to do the soft-shots with ? LF or MF or 35mm ?
you might use front focus and have your lens not open all the way
but stopped down a little bit and focus on something infront of your subject
and use the lens' natural ability to soften your subject. it isn't really that hard ...
you could also shoot with something obstructing your lens and that can soften your subject too.
when i say obstructing, i mean like a finger or something physically close to and infront of your lens
when you expose your film ( or whatever ). try exposing everything with deep DOF but at very slow shutter speeds too
( 1/2 S ) long exposures have a way of softening things up too.

have fun!
I will mostly B&W shooting on 35mm canon EOS camera, either my 1V or another type, but also my Mamiya RZ67, since almost all the lenses in both systems use 77mm I figured this would be the cheapest option. And I have a 58-77 step down ring for the others.

I'll have to find a really crappy filter to try Vaseline with, I would never do that with my B+W filters...

I'm on set today and I'll try and ask the camera guys about it, but they are often super busy.

Brian I'll take one of your lesser SF's since you don't use them


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