I don't know what I was thinking. A few years ago, I decided to make an "Elvis" edition of an Argus C-3. I repaired an Argus C-3 (cleaned its viewfinder and rangefinder, aligned the rangefinder, fixed the shutter), and then covered it with a cobra leather kit from cameraleather.com. I also put a cool sticker of a pair of dice on it, 'cause, Elvis and Vegas, you know? *shakes head*

Anyway, this camera has been decorating my office since 2007. It works. I'm not sure how accurate the shutter speeds are, but the 1/300th sounds fast, and the slower speeds sound slower. The camera is engraved.

The 50mm f/3.5 Argus Coated Cintar is fine. No fungus.

I'm also including the following:

-- Argus Tele-Sandmar 100mm f/4.5 coated lens, from the fine folks at Enna-Werk München, U.S. Zone Germany, including both front and rear aluminum caps and its original aluminum lens hood. The glass looks good, but the aperture blades are oily.

-- Argus 50mm aluminum lens shade. This one is pretty scratched up, but original.

-- Argus Adapter Ring "18C". I'm not sure what filter size fits on this adapter ring.

How about $50, plus $11.35 for shipping via a medium priority mail box to the US? Payment via Paypal, 2% to be donated to APUG, US buyers only, send a PM if you're interested.