You can't go too far wrong anywhere in NL!

If you're staying primarily in Norris Point, I would suggest concentrating on Gros Morne park. Some of the best places are a bit challenging for packing a 4x5, but if you're up to it both the long and short Green Gardens trails and the mountain (Callaghan) trail are world class. Both are all day trips if you're photographing, and even then you'll probably be rushed.

For shooting from your trunk, I've always liked the light at Lobster Cove Head and Broom Point, both in the park, as well as Arches Provincial park a little further up the coast. In this area, I have also spent days photographing around the remains of the SS Ethie, a ship that ran aground there in 1919.

Once you're up that far, a must see is Western Brook Pond. The hike in to the pond has some 4x5 worthy vistas. The boat tour is memorable and well worth the price. However, to get 4x5 (i.e. tripod) type photos you will need a sea kayak and make it an overnight trip... even then the pond is really a fiord cut off from the ocean, and it can get quite rough quite quickly, so don't try it alone or without a guide.

If you get near the Bonavista peninsula, pm me and we can try to meet up.