Hi all, I was thinking of gifting myself some new film for this Christmas,
and was trying to look for a good 200-400 ISO Bulk Film in my ~45eur(50$?) budget.

My developers are Rodinal and D-76, using a rotatory CPE with bit low and normal speed settings.

Which of these would be a good option for high contrast curves with mid-low grain using my developing setup?

Fomapan 400
Fomapan 200
Rollei Retro 400S
Rollei RPX 400
Agfa ASP 400S
Rollei RPX 100 Pushed!
Rollei Retro 100 Pushed!
Kentmere 100 Pushed!
Fomapan 100 Pushed!
Fomapan 200 Pushed!

FOmapan 200 was my Default Choice so far...