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I'm going to develop a roll of 120 tomorrow and have a few questions. When I'm doing the stop bath (with water) is it OK to let that little bit of developer (Hc110) go down the drain? Same with the fixer, after I pour the used stuff back in the bottle is it alright to let the little amount still on the film rinse down the drain? I'm going to pour the used developer into an empty water bottle and will discard the fixer properly as well. I have a septic tank so that's why I'm worried.
This is based on the assumption that you are developing no more than a few rolls each week.

Even with a septic tank, the quantities you are using will be harmless even if you should slip up and pour the tank full of recently used developer (HC-110) down the drain.

And as for the fixer, you should be re-using it anyways. The tiny amount that will go into the waste water with your wash water won't hurt anything.

After the fixer has been used to its capacity, the fixer itself is relatively harmless, but the silver in it can cause problems with septic tanks. So careful disposal techniques are more important.

There is very little concern with the quantities used in home darkrooms.

If you find yourself doing more film, it would be wise to investigate silver recovery solutions - jnanian, who is a long time member here sells a "Silver Magnet" which is a good small-scale example.