Which APS lenses will work on 35mm? Does anyone use any digital-format lenses on 35mm with good results?

Ordinarily, we assume that for example a Nikon DX lens will not cover 35mm because the DX format is smaller (same size as APS). However as large format photographers know, format coverage is relative, and some lenses will cover a larger format than they are advertised for, just with less sharpness in the corners. If you always use small apertures or you shoot at close ranges, you can get away with using a 4x5 lens on 5x7, for example.

I have both a D70 and F801s. When I try my 18-55mm DX lens on my F801 (which has SUCH a better viewfinder...) the corners are dark at the wide setting, but this seems to go away completely near the 55mm setting. I reckon I could use this lens if I was pressed to do so.

I'm shopping for a 35mm macro lens, and trying to decide if I should get a 35mm one or a DX one. For 35mm macro, a DX-format lens might actually be BETTER than a 35mm lens. Coverage should be no problem with extension rings or a bellows, and I assume DX lenses are at least as sharp or sharper than 35mm lenses within the limits of their coverage.