Leica M-mount 90mm or 9cm Elmarit for sale. The lens is a telephoto on a rangefinder. Works well, but I am not a telephoto kind of guy. It's not seen much use at all. It has some wear on the chrome finish on the lens barrel (see bottom of first picture). The glass has dust, so it will benefit from a nice clean. There is also what appears to be a finish defect on the rear element (second picture) though it is pretty darn small (sorry I can't get a better picture of it!). This lens can be adapted onto a mirrorless camera such as a micro-4/3rds camera using a cheap adapter. Asking $550 OBO. Please add 3% for paypal, and shipping at cost.

2012-12-17 23.17.31.jpg2012-12-17 23.20.57.jpg