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The Nikon GF is a wonderfull, light, amateur Nikon. And it accepts ... Nikon lenses! So it turns out to be a perfect backup camera alongside my Nikon F4, while shooting weddings. And it even works without batteries ! Simply dial in the M90 speed (Manual 1/90th second), ajust the aperture accordingly, and fire away.
Yeah, I forgot to add, though I am sure everyone knows... the AE1 is D E A D w/o batteries! BIG oversight, in my humble opinion, on behalf of Canon...

So far my only Nikon lens is the 50 mm E-series 1.8 - I have yet to compare the results with the Canon glass, but the Nikon guys themselves have put a lot of doubts in my head about these "E" lenses. Are they really that bad?

And I assume GF is a typo - right?