OK, so here's the thing. I have here three light meters that I got as part of a huge bundle of equipment, all capable of (or being) spot metering: Gossen Luna Pro SBC + Spot attachment, Minolta Auto Meter IV F + spot attachment, and Pentax Spotmeter V.

As they are more or less coveted items, and all seem to be pretty accurate (all within 1/3 stop from each other including metering with my 5Dmk2), and especially since the Minolta is in a great condition, I have an urge to keep at least one of these guys.

But the thing is, would I use it?

For quick & dirty metering, I use Pocket Light Meter App on my iPhone (which does a great job, BTW); for mission critical shots, I'll just use the meter, Live View, and test shots on my 5Dmk2 or NEX-6. I would never leave home without at least one of those digital cameras. Is there room for a dedicated piece of hardware?

Can any of you persuade me to keep one of these (and if so, which one would it be?).

If I can't be persuaded, you'll soon see all three in the classifieds :-)