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Shooting photos with 110 film cameras is remarkable for the same reason that tap dancing elephants are remarkable. What's amazing isn't that they do it well but the fact that they do it at all.

I agree. I'd much rather see, in rough order of preference, 1) 620 2) 127 and 3)126. I know you can respool your own 120 onto 620. You can also buy some films respooled but they're too expensive and a bit limited. I have some such respooled TMX loaded into a Kodak "faux TLR" my wife then-girlfriend got me, and I paid just over $10 a roll for it. I just shoot it for a lark though. A baby Rollei is pretty nice and there are tons of Brownies and such that can use 127. The baby Rollei will blow the lens off any 126 camera, which are themselves better than a 110 equivalent.

The cool cameras in 110 were the Minolta and Pentax SLRS. I admit they are kind of cool but the image size...ah, much rather have a Pen F half frame.
I don't care as much about 620, if we are talking old formats, I care more about the ones you cant easily respool. That said, 116 or 616 would be my choice of "come back" films. Again you can re-spool 70mm onto 116 but even those are expired or limited. It's just that much bigger that it makes a difference.

I just don't get enough detail from 135 to make it worth shooting and 127 just seems like a better option. I heard someone still sells it, maybe leftover stock at freestyle or something.

126 is more a novelty. Just to have shot it, like more a fun camera to use at parties.

The point is mute, my 116 has too many bellows leaks, and I don't own any 127/126 cameras so if they did make any I would have to then search out a camera with decent lens options and get a whole new system. Lol


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