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fmajor- have you talked to Photobackpacker about their system? Depending on your frame pack brand, they might have something that would work for you that would fit in your existing bag. I believe they are still sponsors/advertisers here on APUG.
THanks! I've not spoken with them, but I realize they make a great product - particularly for the LF Crowd. I had looked at their offerings after i began modding my own pack/gear organization and prefer to customize my own pack(s). The Kelty they use as a base is a great travel pack (it was a very, very strong contender for my own use).

I've just now been looking into prices for 5mm neoprene and related materials to make a case for my RB67 Pro-S. I'll need to develop a pattern that will accommodate different lenses, etc, but that shouldn't be too much of a challenge since i'll be stitching at home.