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Thanks for the valuable insight E. von Hoegh. I might be wrong on my report about my Zeiss Super Ikonta IV. I came home last night to check on the camera and it might not be the cold that caused the problem. The problem wasn't even a slow shutter. I found out it was malfunctioning. When I @#!*% the shutter and push the shutter release, it clicks then when I @#!*% the shutter again, it releases through the cocking lever. I gotta send the camera again. The first time I sent it in was for the CLA, the second time I sent it in for a shutter issue during a trip to Yosemite and it happend in Yosemite again this week. Luckily, the shutter was fine for my 16 day trip to Southeast Asia last summer. I shot about 8 rolls then. I love the camera and the lens is razor sharp. Is the shutter on my camera isn't robust?
The problem is not the shutter, it's whomever is doing the so-called "CLA".
Find someone who is competent.