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I have a 4x5 side rangfinder, will full bellows I can focus at infinity with just a little focus, with the speed I can focus quite close, I dont know what the extension is for a speed compared to a crown. The camera at the Getty was a Speed, no rangefinder, sports finders and an extension for the lens which appeared to be a barrell without a shutter.
Thanks for the reply, which is a bit strange. At the risk of seeming obnoxious, when you use your 210 on your Crown, where do you put the front standard? With the front standard at the very front of the outer bed rail and the rail racked all the way forward you should have 12 1/2" of extension (flange-to-film distance). The 4x5 Speed has 1/4" more extension than the 4x5 Crown.

What you saw at the Getty is very interesting. I wonder how the user focused and composed. The longest lens I use on my 2x3 tandem Graphic (2x3 Speed in back, 2x3 Century in front, light tight coupler between) is a 480. The only way I can focus and compose is on the rear camera's ground glass. Very slow working, hardly suitable for sports photography. An SLR is much faster working. That's why I built my failed Baby Bertha.