There seems to be quite a range of accessories available for the 601. Mine came with the Sivoneg carrier which can take pairs of metal inserts for negatives sub-35mm up to 6x6. There is also plain or AN glass available, again in pairs. When I did 35mm on it, I used metal inserts alone. For 6x6 I use metal above and AN glass below. I have flat and recessed lens plates with standard(39mm?) threads, and a flat one with 25mm. These are metal, but you also find plastic examples. There should be two condensers in black plastic cases which are used together. I believe they were packed outwith the head. There is a square filter drawer in the head. There was an accessory wall bracket, and also copy stand lighting available. I use an ancient 4blade easel made by Sands&Hunter which holds paper up to 15"square. You do run out of space to go beyond that, but the head can turn through 90deg for wall projection. It also has "movements" to correct verticals,etc. I don't find it overheating with the 75w lamp. I was thinking of getting a150w which is the max usable. I found it difficult to use a big(16"x12") 2blade easel on the baseboard. Alex