Also on offer is a beautiful Jupiter 3 for Kiev, Contax mount or Amedeo adapter for use on M film and digital. I bought this from Fed camera and lens expert Fedka. But I never use it, preferring to use my Zeiss Sonnar. However it is the equal optically, and it's difficult to tell images from the two lenses apart

This lens is beautiful optically, with a sharpness at f1.5 and a beautiful bokeh. It has the usual fine scratches on the front element associated with lenses of this vintage, that have no effect on optical quality. The fine scratches in my opinion reflect a fine lens that was well used. Mint FSU lenses from this vintage are often optically flawed.

Make it yours for $150
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Thanks for looking! And please check my feedback, I've recently sold a Contax II, Leica M9P, and Rolleiflex 2.8 F to some happy fellow members

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I need to sell these to pay for the Nikon s2 and Graflex Norita 66 that I recently bought


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