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You might want to consider shopping elsewhere for your colour chems. I buy plenty of stuff from Freestyle but there's no point in sticking with just one store if they don't stock what you want.
But they have the Rollei kit which you recommended? Or is it another Rollei kit, not the one Freestyle is selling, that you're recommending?

In any case, I guess it'll have to be freestyle because they appear to be one of the very few places in the US that sells color chemistry. Others sell other brands. None sell Fuji. I put a call into Glass Key Photo here in San Francisco. Matt has a very tiny store but he surprises you by selling stuff you can usually only find online.

Another question. If I shoot a roll of Kodak film, I can only develop it with Kodak chemistry? (And the same question goes if I shoot fuji?) Or can I use any brand chemistry for any brand of film? Thanks.