I think you are looking at this wrong. Had you asked this 15 years ago, I would have said it was an interesting quest. However today things have changed radically. Film is not cheap for one and developing is hard to find and expensive. If you look down the lists of posts in the MF section, you will see I posted a thing about an ad I found on CL for a Mamiya 645 for $140, with 13 rolls of film. That to me is dirt cheap. At my local camera store I bought a roll of color unboxed film for my MF camera and it was $7+. After developing, I will have about $17.00 in that roll. If I'm taking a picture of anything worth taking, I want the best camera I can find. Otherwise just get a pinhole camera. For that $17.00 by the way, I can buy a memory chip for my digital camera and get 700 pictures. (The MF is still more funner even though it cost more.) Why bother with a cheap camera at todays prices. Unless you can get a RB67 or a Hassy 500 for $30, it is time to put those $30 cameras on the shelf and look at them.

P.S. To those that say the word funner is not a real word, I say who says is aint?
P.S. To those that say 'aint' isn't a real word, I say I know but it is more funner.