You can bring your gear on the boat... and you should as there are some good photo opportunities on the walk in, especially on cloudy or rainy days as the fog and clouds cling to the fiord.

Although there is a small dock at the end of the fiord, it is used for letting off/picking up people doing the Long Range mountain trails (2-3 days). Next time I am in the area I am going to check if they would drop me off on the first run of the day and pick me up on the last run. The probable answer is no as they frequently cancel runs if the weather socks in and they wouldn't be able to guarantee pickup. However, there are campsites at that location so one could also camp there if they would drop/pickup. It would have to be coordinated with the park who controls the campsites and the tour company that runs the trip. It would definitely be worth it as the scenery reminds one of Yosemite, in other words, spectacular.

Anyone going to Newfoundland should be aware of the substantial discount offered by Marine Atlantic for Forces veterans. The passenger part of the N Sydney- P aux B run is free for veterans and their party (up to 4 people). On the N. Sydney - Argentia run the passenger part of the fare is reduced to half. They don't advertise it much and you can only get the reduced fare if you call their 1-800 number - can't get it on the web.