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There are three components controlling the reverse. Either one of the three could cause the problem. In rare cases the microswitch has corrosion on it and will not engage the reverse contact, but that would be pretty obvious when looking at it.

If you want to rule out motor malfunction, you can reverse the polarity of the motor, by unplugging it from the board, then reconnecting it the other way (black instead of green and green instead of black). If the motor now turns to the other direction it one of the above mentioned components.

We can fix it for you if you want, or if you are handy with a solder i can try to help you DIY.
I will do the reverse polarity on the motor, if that is toast I might be OK because I have a spare. The microswitch is clean, I removed and inspected it last night and again today.

Basically, I did a run of ten sheets last night, then 30 minutes later did two 120 runs in 2553 tanks and that is when it started acting up. I removed the head today, did a quick test and it reversed fine, then put it all back together, filled and warmed it up and bingo, it did it again, no reverse.

I am on my third run of 4x5 now, have 5 more to do then I will start doing the above....I can solder, have two kits laying around...